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Our staff have experience and knowledge of the accounting world and have also worked in industry and understand how businesses operate. We take the time to ensure and help you understand your financial requirements.

Business Services

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Financial Statement Audit

A corporate audit will assist in providing your company for sale or to discharge your fiscal responsibilities as the director of a non-profit organization.

An audit provides the highest level of assurance in Canada with your financial statements to ensure they are presented fairly and in accordance with the applicable standards. Achieve CPAs follows specific quality control policies to provide an audit opinion that meets the highest standard. A part of our process in auditing the company’s financial records, we will be analyzing and verifying important information about your business, systems, procedures, and controls. This enables us to not only provide assurance on your financial statements, but that they are presented fairly in accordance with applicable standards, as well as to provide management with a report on our findings during the audit. Give us a call and we can discuss further if audit engagement is the right service needed!

Financial Statement Review

Reviews are very common these days in providing some assurance on the Financial Statements especially for expansion of business through banks or private lenders.

Financial intuitions, private lenders, non-active shareholders or even a potential buyers want a level of assurance on your annual financial statements. Achieve CPAs can provide a review engagement with some level of assurance for the users of the financial statements. A part of our engagement process, we will perform enquiries regarding business knowledge, systems & procedures of the business, analysis the financial transactions and discussion with management on variances. Give us a call and we can discuss further if review engagement is the right service needed!

Financial Statement Compilation

If your corporation is required to produce a set of financial statements at year end we can help you with that.

We will go through your accounting records with you to ensure that your data is accurate and organized then we will prepare a set of financial statements suitable to your business’ financial needs and goals.

Corporate Income Tax Preparation and Filing

All corporations are required to file their corporate income tax returns at their fiscal year end. It is best to address tax issues before year end to give you the opportunity to utilize your options to reduce the overall corporate and shareholder tax liability. We offer tax advice and planning, preparation and filing services.

Corporate Reorganizations

Is your business in need of corporate reorganization but not sure where and how to start? We can help! We will guide you through the entire reorganization process – making sure that you have a clear understanding and knowledge of every step. We will work with you to make sure that you take full advantage of the income tax provisions, avoid tax pitfalls, minimize tax liabilities and maximize your value.

Estate Planning

Are you married? Do you have children? Elderly parents? How about significant assets? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then here’s the next question: do you have an estate plan in place? Estate planning, contrary to popular belief, is not just for wealthy individuals with millions of properties and savings. To simply put it, Estate Planning ensures the orderly management and transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries with the minimum tax consequences in the event of your death or incapacity. It ensures that your loved ones will enjoy the fruits of your labor long after you are gone.

We will work with you to formulate a sound yet flexible estate plan that suits your changing circumstances, needs and goals.


Want to start a small business and not sure where to start? We can help! Let us walk you through incorporation, GST/HST rules and government regulations and other important aspects that may impact your business. We’ll work with you to ensure that you get your business started on the right foot.

Personal Services

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Personal Tax Returns

We know that tax season is probably not your favorite time of the year so let us take care of it for you. We offer tax return preparation, fast and easy filing plus support for any and all tax notices, whether it’s for personal income taxes, self-employed, rental property income, sole proprietorships, partnerships, etc. We will answer your questions and explain your options so you are aware of eligible exemptions and/or deductions and can take advantage of all possible tax benefits and minimize your tax liabilities.

Sales Tax Returns

If you are GST/HST registered, you are required to file sales tax returns regularly. Whether you are managing your own books or would like us to take care of your books for you, we will review and file your sales tax returns for you to ensure you file accurately and on time.[/x_accordion_item]

Non-Resident Tax

As a Non-Resident owing a rental property in Canada, Electing under section 216 allows you to pay tax on your net Canadian-source rental income instead of on the gross amount. If the non-resident tax withheld by the payer is more than the amount of tax payable calculated on your section 216 return, CRA will refund the excess to you. Our firm can assist in providing the services required to complete the Non-resident tax returns.

Canada generally requires the NR seller to notify CRA either before they dispose of the property or within 10 days of disposition. Once CRA has received the related forms and an acceptable security to cover the taxes payable that may result from the sale (generally 25% of the net capital gain), CRA will issue a Certificate of Compliance to the NR seller and their solicitor. A copy of the certificate will also be sent to the buyer. The security provided by the NR seller and/or buyer will be credited to the seller’s account. A final settlement of the tax (should there be tax owing resulting from the sale) should be made when the NR seller’s files a NR Income Tax Return for the year the sale occurred and assessed by CRA. This is done by CRA to ensure that it has sufficient security from the NR to cover the taxes owing. A Non-resident tax return should be completed to have the excess withholding refunded back to you. Our firm can assist in completing the NR tax returns.

Mohammed’s firm has been in charge of our company’s accounting since 2015. As a software company with international customers we had many complex financial montage to solve and Mohammed has struck us as someone with knowledge that goes way beyond Canadian borders or the field of accounting.

We then went through investments phases and recently through an acquisition by a multinational company. Once again Mohammed’s firm not only made sure we were in impeccable standings with our investors and CRA but also consistently took the time to educate our managers on financial matters. Which led us to greater credibility toward our acquirer.

I can safely say working with Mohammed’s firm has helped us grow our business and us as individuals. We highly recommend his services for personal or business accounting, investment, mergers or acquisition matters.

Couldn’t be happier with Mo and his service. There’s no doubt he knows his stuff. I ask him many questions as I like to understand how the system works, and he’s always happy to explain.
I will be recommending Mo to friends and family for as long as he does accounting.

Mo has been my accountant for a while now, I believe you get what you pay for, and nowhere is this more true than at Achieve CPAs LLP (formerly Mecklai Tax and Accounting Inc). Mo is a brilliant accountant – he knows what’s happening in the world and what you can and can’t do. As long as he’s here, I’ll be here. I have recommended my friends, family and my colleagues to see Mo, I have peace of mind knowing Achieve CPAs LLP. handles all of my accounting. They help me manage my personal and my company finances, and ensure I understand them.

I would highly recommend them.

Mr. Mohammed Mecklai has been my accountant for the past two years. I trust him with all my and my husband’s personal and business tax needs. I cannot emphasize enough how unfailingly reliable, efficient, and friendly Mo has been to work with. Quick to respond and knowledgeable, Mo ensures I stay organized and on top of what sometimes can feel like an overwhelming amount of documents throughout the year.

Carrie Stocco have provided us with exemplary financial services for an array of needs for many years. We highly recommend her expertise to anyone who wants to work with truly talented people who are extremely knowledgeable and who will communicate requirements and options concisely with ease. Carrie deliver results like no other and won’t gouge you with fees like the big firms.

We started working with Mohammed and his team last year. With our previous accountant, our company was not getting meaningful, timely action.

Mo’s team quickly on-boarded and analyzed our account, our history and needs, and built a solid plan for growth, executing on tasks, and paving a solid financial path for our company. I recommend Achieve CPAs LLP. (formerly Mecklai Tax and Accounting Inc.) to any company serious about growth.

We trust (emphasis on the word TRUST) Carrie Stocco of Achieve CPA with both our personal and business accounting needs. Carrie is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and has a keen eye for detail. When you speak with her, you really experience being heard. Carrie knows our professional and family goals, and we truly feel 100% confident that she is guiding us towards achieving them. On a personal note, she is patient, compassionate, and supportive … an absolute pleasure to work with! Thank you Carrie and Achieve CPA!

Have worked with Carrie & her team for many years. Always professional; always “creative” ! Professional & accurate advice; explains information in an easy to understand way. Has excellent network of other professionals that have been useful to myself and my business. Highly recommended!

My husband and I were looking for a new accountant to make a fresh start. We wanted to find someone who will understand our needs and consider our lack of knowledge in certain areas. After our first meeting with Mo we felt relief, things became so much clearer. His relaxed manner and clear explanations instantly made us feel comfortable and hopeful moving forward. We are very happy with Mo, he’s a great guy to work with.

Our company has worked with Mo at Mecklai for a little over a year now and our experience with his team has been great. Mo is very detailed and any questions we’ve had about accounting, he was able to get back to us pretty quickly. I’ve worked with many other accounting firms but I haven’t come across any as responsive and detailed as this one. They do great work and I will continue to use them and refer them to my friends. Keep up the great work guys.